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The use of advanced nano-permeability ceramic equipment and ultra-low-temperature plasma particles vapor deposition generates one metal infiltration of ceramic layer on the surface of piston rings on which two-phase diffusion and network structure coexists. So that the surface hardness of piston ring increases by 20% and the corrosion resistance is significantly reduced.


Withstanding ultra-high temperature: The thermal conductivity increases by 45%, and increases with temperature.

Environmental protection:  The absorption of atomic oxygen by Nanomet metal composite layer plays a catalytic role in CO and HC, which greatly reduces the amount of exhaust emissions.

Anti-abrasion:  Our product has qualities of higher surface hardness, tenacity, corrosion resistance and lower coefficient of friction than conventional product, and increases friction coefficient of piston rings by 3-5 times, which brings on great exaltation in use life;

Antifriction:  Our product has a lower friction coefficient and thermal conductivity, which brings on the engine efficiently energy saving. Moreover, one professional test showed that our product can save fuel by 7-22%.

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